T800 Donaldson Air Cleaner Front Center Light Bar

For T800 split fender models with 13″ Donaldson standard cans. Measures 17″ long.  With 5 2″ round light holes.

Product Information

T800 Donaldson air cleaner front center light bar for models with split fender and 13″ Donaldson standard air cleaners. Sold in pairs, these light bars have 5 2″ round light holes. Lights are not included. There is room for 2″ chromed plastic bezels (sold separately) to be used. This design allows for longer screws (provided with chromed bezels) to pass through bezel and grommet and securely fasten into air cleaner light bar. The lights and bezels will not turn and can only be removed with a Phillips screwdriver. Mounts to the center of the air cleaner using existing brackets. Measures 17″ long. Harnesses are included. To determine if your air cleaner is standard or premium, please refer to the image below.

For ordering or pricing information, please visit your local Kenworth dealership.

Standard Can VS. Premium Can