Sleeper Skirts (To Be Ordered With TRP Extender Skirts or End Cap)

For 389, 388, 379, 367 and 365 models with 70″/78″ sleepers. Will not fit 2018+ 389 Long Hood (131″ BBC) models. Plain (no lights). Measure 4″ wide. To be used with extenders or end cap.

Product Information

These sleepers skirts are designed to be used with TRP extender skirts or end cap. Designed for 2007+ Peterbilt 388 models and will only fit 389 models from 2007-2013. Will not fit 2018+ 389 Long Hood (131″ BBC) models. These sleeper skirts will also fit 367 and 365 models. For 70″/78″ sleepers.  Sold in pairs, these sleeper skirts are plain (no lights) and measure 4″ wide.  Hardware is supplied. Some drilling may be required. *NOTE*  Our product line currently references new sleeper sizes.  78″ new size is equivalent to 70″ old sleeper size.

For ordering or pricing information, please visit your local Peterbilt dealership.