Sleeper Extender Skirts

For 44″, 58″ or 72″ sleepers. Plain (no lights).

Product Information

Sleeper extender skirts designed for Peterbilt models with 44″, 58″ or 72″ sleepers.  These sleeper extender skirts are designed to continue the sleeper skirts to the end of the factory sleeper extender. Sold in pairs, these sleeper extender skirts are plain (no lights). Hardware is included. *NOTE*  Our product line currently references new sleeper sizes.  44″ new size is the old 36″ sleeper size, 58″ new size is equivalent to 48″ old sleeper size and 72″ new size is equivalent to 63″ old sleeper size.

For ordering or pricing information, please visit your local Peterbilt dealership.