Product Information

Rear air cleaner light bars designed for 1987-2004 Peterbilt 389, 388, 379 and 388 models. The rear air cleaner light bars easily mount to the air cleaner mounting strap bolts. Rear air cleaner light bars are designed to fit 15″ Vortox and Donaldson air cleaners. Sold in pairs, each of the rear air cleaner light bars have 6 2″ round lights (red). No drilling required. Harnesses and lights included. Measures 20.25″ long with a 7.25″ mount. The length refers to the distance between the top of the flange to the bottom of the can. Mount refers to the distance that the light bar will extend down below the center of the first strap when mounted.

To determine if you have a standard or a premium can, please refer to the image below.

Standard Can VS. Premium Can


For ordering or pricing information, please visit your local Peterbilt dealership.