Front Air Cleaner Light Bars

For Western Star EX models. Measures 23.5″ long with 18.5″ strap centers. For 15″ can. With 5 2″ round light holes.

Part # : ABP WSC00023L 15
Supercede from Part # : WBP WSC00023L 15
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Product Information

These front air cleaner light bars are designed for Western Star EX models with 15″ cans. Measures 23.5″ long (A) with a 18.5″ strap center (B). Sold in pairs, each of the light bars have 5 2″ round light holes. The light bars easily mount to the air cleaner strap bolts. Includes brackets and hardware. Please refer to the image below to measure the strap centers to determine proper part number.

For ordering or pricing information, please visit your local Western Star dealership.

Western Star Light Bar Drawing