Elite Skirting Kits

For 2014-2017 Peterbilt 389 Long Hood (131″ BBC) models with 78″ sleepers with extenders. Plain. With MD5624 passenger tool box cover.

Product Information

Elite skirting kits designed for 2014-2017 Peterbilt 389 Long Hood (131″ BBC) models with 78″ sleepers with extenders. This elite skirting kit includes the cab skirt (MD3049), 78″ sleeper skirt (MD3062), extender (MD3087), cowl panel (MD3078), lower hood panel (MD5183) and passenger tool box cover (MD5624). Skirts are plain (no lights). Hardware included.  *NOTE*  Our product line currently references new sleeper sizes.  78″ new size is equivalent to 70″ old sleeper size.

For 2015+ Peterbilt 389 models, a change has taken place with the renaming of the former 388. Our catalog refers to a 388, which is the NEW 389 Short Hood. The 389’s in our catalog refer to the NEW 389 Long Hood. When ordering parts, please use the 388 part numbers for 389 Short Hoods and 389 part numbers for 389 Long Hoods.


For ordering or pricing information, please visit your local Peterbilt dealership.